Research in European Affairs

The work conducted by the Studies and Analyses Unit represents one of the key activities of the European Institute of Romania. It is designed to meet the current and future needs of the national authorities responsible for substantiating, coordinating and providing solid grounds for Romania’s positions in the European Union. Also, our research is meant to offer concrete policy recommendations for the fulfilment of the country’s obligations as Member State and for the representation of its national interest in relation with EU institutions.

As such, the Studies and Analyses Unit’s contributions are reflected in the following main activities and products:

  • Coordinating and implementing research projects in the field of European Affairs (i.e., the series of Strategy and Policy Studies – SPOS and other similar projects financed through national or European funds)
  • Ensuring the semi-annual publication of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs (RJEA), EIR’s trademark academic journal
  • Coordinating and publishing the Policy Briefs and Working Papers series and other similar research and analysis materials in the field of European Affairs
  • Elaborating various other analyses and position papers regarding specific activities and events in the field of European Affairs (i.e., background documents/papers for EIR’s events)
  • Publishing the bilingual edition of EIR’s Newsletter, with a frequency of six issues per year, in collaboration with other EIR departments
  • Establishing new partnerships with similar research institutes/peer institutions and further developing existing ones (i.e., the European Institute of Romania is part of the European Policy Institutes Network – EPIN and the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes – EADI)

The end beneficiaries of our research activity are the Government of Romania, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the other ministries, different governmental agencies and public institutions involved in developing and implementing Romania’s policies and positions as Member State.