The responsibilities of the Communication Unit consist of drafting and implementing the internal and external communication strategy of the European Institute of Romania, promoting the image of the institute and the outcomes of the projects developed by the EIR in the European affairs area, along with extending and consolidating networks of partnership and managing the relations with the media.

To ensure a far-reaching dissemination of information on European integration, as well as to stimulate debates on EU topics, EIR organizes a wide array of events: public conferences, round tables, workshops and seminars on EU issues.

The events organised by EIR bring together personalities from the EU affairs area, on one hand, and representatives of the Romanian society interested in the discussions, on the other.

Among the most important guests invited to lecture under the aegis of the EIR, we enjoy the presence of high level representatives of EU institutions, outstanding scholars, specialists on EU issues, as well as ministers or other officials from the EU Member States.

The marketing and promotion activity within this unit involves the carry out of promotion strategies for the projects of EIR, including the creation of promo materials, participation to promotion and advertising events, creation of EIR’s Facebook page etc. These activities are carried out together with other units within EIR.

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