The micro-studies collection (Working Papers and Policy Briefs) coordinated by the European Institute of Romania tackles relevant International Relations and European Affairs topics, adapted to the ever changing domestic and European contexts.

To this end, EIR welcomes potential authors from heterogeneous fields of social sciences, including researchers from various university centers and academic institutes who can actively contribute to widening the knowledge base in the area of European studies. The micro-studies collection supports the exchange of scientifically expressed and argued ideas and points of view, and facilitates the dissemination of information and opinions for shaping up a cogent Romanian narrative.

Policy Briefs represent rather concise papers which aim at presenting one specific problem or challenge, relevant for the European dynamics, containing policy recommendations and suggestions regarding the best course of action.

Working Papers are more elaborate and complex papers, adding an empirical or theoretical contribution to the European debate, in order to try and consolidate Romania’s role as a Member State, in particular, and as an increasingly important Euro-Atlantic actor, in general. A special attention is given to relevant policy recommendations for decision makers.

Guidelines for authors

Policy Brief no. 15: Combating hybrid threats – institutional competences and the need for cooperation in Romania (available in Romanian)

Authors: Maria – Manuela Catrina Vlad Drăguș


WP no. 52: The Marvel of Social Market Economy – Things We Do Not Talk About

Authors: Iulian Oneașcă


WP no. 51: From Synergy to Strategy in the Black Sea Region. Assessing Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: Collective publication (coord. Oana-Mihaela Mocanu and Mihai Sebe)


WP no. 50: The dynamics of cooperation and conflict in the Black Sea area. From the region’s history to current security challenges

Authors: Ioana-Elena Secu


WP no. 49: The attitudes and perceptions of Romanian youth regarding the European Union (available in Romanian)

Authors: Iorgus-Serghei Cicală


WP no. 48: European Political Community: opportunities and challenges (available in Romanian)

Authors: Caroline Raluca Ghețu


WP no. 47: The Eastern Partnership in the context of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. Perspectives regarding the new geopolitics of the European Union (available in Romanian)

Authors: Ioana Elena Secu


Policy Brief no. 14: A Half-Open Window: Opportunities and Obstacles to the Signature and Ratification of the European Union-MERCOSUR Agreement

Authors: Stefano Arroque


WP no. 46: Anticipating the 2023 Three Seas Initiative Bucharest Summit. Advancing the common agenda

Authors: Collective publication (coord. Mihai Sebe)


Policy Brief no. 13: Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. EU’s response to Russian disinformation and propaganda

Authors: Laura-Ștefania Anton


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