Ongoing research projects

For 2019, the European Studies Unit planned to conduct the following research activities in the field of European Affairs:

  1. The publication of the two issues of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs. The summer edition includes articles on topics such as: illiberalism, the new world order, threats to the global financial system, economic convergence, the costs of Brexit, new forms of conditionality for Western Balkans, the challenges to the EU-Armenia Partnership Agreement.
  2. The publication of the six issues of the EIR Newsletter, entailing articles focused on local and international events in the field of European Affairs
  3. Coordination and publication of papers in the Policy Briefs and Working Papers Series:
    1. Working Paper nr. 37: The New Party Politics of the European Union;
    2. Policy Brief, nr. 6: Local and Regional Authorities: Enablers or Bystanders in the Digital Single Market.
  4. Developing partnerships with similar research units/institutions (the European Institute of Romania is part of European Policy Institutes Network and the European Association of Development Research):
    1. Members of the Studies and Analyses Unit team (Mihai Sebe, Bogdan Mureșan, Eliza Vaș) are involved in the `Towards a Citizens’ Union` project, between 2017 and 2020, in the context of EIR membership in the EPIN Network;
      1. As requested by the project, a series of three collective volumes on topics such as direct democracy, representative democracy and democratic accountability will be published between 2018-2020;
      2. The first volume has been drafted and published in November 2018 and it includes a chapter on Romania, written by Mihai Sebe and Eliza Vaș;
      3. The second volume as been drafted and published in May 2019 and it includes a chapter on Romania, written by Mihai Sebe, Bogdan Mureșan and Eliza Vaș;
      4. More information on the project is available here.
  5. Implementing the project Consolidating and promoting Romania’s position as a relevant actor in the decision-making process at the European level” code SIPOCA/mySMIS nr. 400/115759, between October 2019 and April 2020. More details are available here.