The professional training in the field of European Affairs represents one of the permanent activities of the European Institute of Romania.

The professional training programmes are destined mainly to the public officials in the local and central administration, especially those with responsibilities related to the Community issues derived from Romania’s status as a European Union member.

Initially, organised under the auspices and with the support of Phare projects, the programs having as purpose the general training in European Affairs have marked the beginning of the activity in 2000 and, presently, have become a tradition with the Institute.

The topical area has been completed through the years with training programs on horizontal topics, such as project cycle management and European negotiations. Our EU membership also entailed the diversification of the training programs in order to keep the pace with the specialised training in European Affairs of the public administration, as well as other interested socio-professional categories. Additionally, the increased interest of Romanian nationals to participate in the admission exams of the European institutions led to the organisation of special courses dedicated to this purpose.

On the one hand, Romanian trainers are selected with a maximum attention by the specialised EIR staff and they are capable of responding to high quality standards. Most of these come from the academic and/or research worlds; some are independent specialists, possessing advanced knowledge in the field of European Affairs, as well as in terms of the exigencies of professional training. Experience has demonstrated that their professionalism and moral standing in the presentation of the themes and the approach of course participants have brought important contributions to the quality of the training programs.