The Conference: Research and analysis in international relations and European studies

November 17th, 2011 – The European Institute of Romania, the Black Sea University Foundation, the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of the Romanian Academy and the Institute for International Studies of the Babeş – Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, organized the conference with the topic Research and analysis in international relations and European studies on November 17th, 2011.

Within this event, speeches were delivered by Mr. Dan Berindei, Vice-president of the Romanian Academy, Mr.Iulian Chifu, Presidential Advisor for Strategic Affairs, Security and Foreign Policy, Mr. Iulian Fota, Presidential Advisor for National Security, Mr. Teodor Baconschi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Leonard Orban, Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, Minister of National Defence.

The conference was also attended by representatives of the organizing institutions, officials of the ministries and public institutions, and representatives of research institutes with responsibilities in the field of international relations and European affairs.

The conference was intended to be a first step towards organizing a Network of research and analysis institutes in the field of international relations and European studies, by developing the cooperation among the institutes, in order to achieve a judicious use of material and human resources, to avoid overlapping and duplication of research efforts and to create a database on the research carried out in Romania in this field. The main objective was to increase the impact of research on the policy and on the actions Romania takes abroad.

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Event Report

Presentation – Andrei Mocearov  (Available only in Romanian)

Presentation – Alexandra Dobra  

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