The December issue of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs

The December issue of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs proposes to its readers the latest topics related to European affairs, such as: the conditionality regulation as turning point in in EU’s and Hungary’s understanding of the Europeanisation, the significance of scouting in contemporary society with a case study on the Baltic states, circular economy and ESG, and the migration crisis and its effects on the EU borders after 2015. Moreover, the current issue presents analyses on topics related to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine: the predictors of pro- and anti-Russian attitudes displayed by Romanians at the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the resilience and sustainability of the local public administration in Romania, the EU’s evolving economic diplomacy in Ukraine and the EU as a promoter of democracy in Eastern Partnership countries.

The full issue is available here.

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