Migration beyond prejudices and myths

9 June 2011 – SOROS Foundation Romania and the European Institute of Romania organised on 9 June 2011 a debate on the topic of Migration beyond prejudices and myths.
The starting point for discussions was a study called Maximizarea impactului fenomenului migraţiei asupra dezvoltării României (Maximization of the Development Impact of Migration in Romania) and performed by IASCI (International Agency for Source Country Information) and SOROS Foundation Romania.
Our guest speakers were Mr. Leonard Orban, Presidential Adviser for European Affairs, former member of the European Commission, Mr. Nicolaas de Zwager, Director IASCI, Mr. Valentin Lazea, Chief Economist, the National Bank of Romania, Mr. Cristian Ilie, General Manager, European Affairs Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, Professor Dumitru Sandu, sociologist, University of Bucharest, Mr. Gabriel Petrescu, Executive Director, SOROS Foundation Romania, Mrs. Anita Cristea, Adviser, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, Mr. Marius Tolea, General Manager, Crescendo. Professor Gabriela Drăgan, Director General, the European Institute of Romania and Professor Valentina Vasile, Interim Director, the Institute of National Economy also took part in the debate. There have been interventions from representatives of international organisations, representatives of the banking system and from other participants.

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Executive summary – Maximizing the Development Impact of Migration
Nicolaas de Zwager Presentation – What can be done? Nexus Central 
Gabriel Petrescu Presentation – Maximizarea impactului fenomenului migrației asupra dezvoltării (Maximizing the Development Impact of Migration) available only in Romanian
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