Anniversary Conference EIR@20 “A New Vision for the European Union” and the 10th edition of EIR Excellence Awards Ceremony

On Thursday, 5 December 2019, the anniversary conference EIR@20 on “A New Vision for the European Union” took place in Bucharest. The event was organised by the European Institute of Romania (EIR), with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Official representatives, well-known experts and analysts specialised in the field of European affairs participated in the event. The conference agenda brought forward an analysis of the future of Europe from a twofold perspective: first, the new institutional architecture at EU level (panel on the “Main developments at EU level”), and, secondly, the current negotiations regarding the next Multiannual Financial Framework and thus the reform of the EU budget (panel on “Romania’s positioning under the next Multiannual Financial Framework”).

As tradition has it, the debate closed with the 10th edition of the EIR Excellence Awards Ceremony for promoting the European spirit and values. In this anniversary year, the focus was on the personalities who have coordinated EIR’s activity in its 20 years of existence: presidents of EIR’s Administrative Board and general directors.


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